Meet me, your third wheel.

I love moments and I live for them. 

Before photography - I was an actress for 15 years, working on a large resume of Motion Pictures to Television (Legion, The Eye, Waterlily Jaguar to Broken Memories) in Hollywood and NY. One of my highlights as an actor was seeing Ron Howard walk the premiere for one of my films - I still pinch myself at times. Working as an actress took me all over for work (which kept my free spirit heart so full). So I have an extensive background in what it's like to be on set, being in front of the camera, and to seeing the finished product. I modeled from the raw age of 10 which bled into my acting career that started when I was 14. I tend to combine all the things I have learned as a model and an actress and bring it into my work and helping my clients. I know what works in front of the camera and I stay away from those awkward poses. Several years ago I came to the realization that I wanted to create but in a different form – so here came my photography. If your nervous of having your picture taken, that's okay, I will make you comfortable. I know what it's like. 


To give you some background on my photography and where it all started. When I was in Los Angeles I went in to being a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion editorial photographer -I worked in Hollywood as a fashion editorial photographer for high end designers with a history of product development working in fashion e-commerce design/graphic design. Then I started to switch gears and found weddings, families, and couples. The switch gave me more life, laughter, and joy in anything I have ever tried to do. My clients are everything to me, and I am still utterly blessed to have been chosen to tell a mile marker in your life. You don’t have to change for me and you don’t have to dress a certain way for me. I want to photograph you as you are and who you are. Let’s have fun in any session, sing, laugh, tickle and smile. Let’s remember this mile marker in your life forever in pictures and memories.

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Danielle Christine


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