I am really enjoying this new spring weather here in Tennessee, where it's just settling at 65 mid day. Much different than Los Angeles weather, from what I have heard from friends - is already in the mid 90s.... Uck. This weekends weather was really up and down, but Friday peaked at such a great day weather wise, so it was perfect to take a client out this weekend for a little fun in a field (with balloons). Just so you know - I looked utterly ridiculous purchasing 20 pastel balloons and trying to shove them into the back of my SUV.


I get some pretty weird ideas usually on the regular, and I try to find a way to incorporate them into a shoot. I have been very fortunate enough for my clients to just "go with the flow" with me. It honestly makes me laugh to hear them say "I trust you with your vision" after I get done my "So I have this wild idea, not sure how it's going to turn out, but what do you think". Besides getting some shots in a field, we decided to try a few locations to get different looks for her shoot. These were my favorite from the shoot:

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